This piece has a pretty exciting beginning. 

In June of 2011, fashion and lifestyle brand Hugo Boss organized a live street art event with legendary artist, and godfather of stencil art, Blek le Rat. 5 artists from around the globe were selected by Blek, and Hugo Boss, and flown to Mitte-Berlin, Germany to create original pieces side-by-side with Blek, live on the street in front of media, press pools, and passers-by.

It was an exciting yet stressful opportunity, but a level of comfort was granted given the knowledge that any negative chatter among the crowd would more than likely be thrown out in German and thus, fall on deaf American ears. Ignorance truly can be bliss. :)

This was the first, and for several years, the only form in which this artwork existed. Over time, as impact of social media grew, photographs of this piece were shared, and interest grew to an unexpected level. A run of prints were released in a very limited edition, but were never made readily available. As requests for canvas editions increased, it seemed fitting to take the idea into consideration as the 10 year anniversary of its inception approached...so here we are.

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